It’s a Numbers Game

Its been awhile. Things get busy and I find that when I get home, my brain is too full to sit down and have a normal conversation in print. Others will find when I go on a tangent that staying on the topic becomes harder and harder.

So as our world turns so quickly these days, we end up with multiple issues happening over the last two weeks. We find ourselves at the precipice of another war on weapons. Mass shootings give the public an ability to find an argument in the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens. One person who decides that their life nor the lives of others should exist any further than the time of his or her choosing. I say his or her but if we are honest the male is far more the gender to be the trigger man.

If you search the interwebs, you will find sites stating different statistics on weapons. One states 43% of American homes have a registered weapon owner in them. Naturally, no one tells you about the unregistered weapons that people own. Not to say that people do that sort of thing. But if you haven’t heard someone say that the government doesn’t need to know about what I have, you may have had your head in the sand for the last 20 years. The main thing is, there are millions of weapons floating around the U.S. Millions of handguns, shotguns, and rifles. Single shot, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. The bump stock was referenced as an issue years before. As with anything else, there’s always a bigger and better way to do everything. The weapon industry is no different. While we had muskets in our revolution, the enemy can be found thousands of miles away.

Where do we stand as a nation with so many of us armed to the hilt? For millions of gun owners, this isn’t a question of why should I turn over my guns to the government? Why am I not allowed to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights? Why is the background check for ownership not more stringent? There are a ton of questions from every side of the argument.

I feel background checks should be more stringent. In the case of the shooter in Dayton, Ohio, his juvenile record and school expulsions should have been made available to factor in whether he should be allowed to purchase firearms. Psychological issues are not made available for this situation. While you may find it excessive, I feel if you ask to purchase a firearm, then you give permission to allow your medical background to be checked. If this violates your privacy then obviously it would seem there is something you have to hide. You may know you are fine and that every check will turn out clear. That you may have to wait longer before you are allowed to take possession of a weapon. What price is that to pay if it keeps that weapon out of the hands of someone who doesn’t need to have one? How many lives is that worth?

A gun has never killed another human being. Oh, I’m sure there is some distant story about someone cleaning it or it falling over. The real culprits? The soul of humanity. Our nation has become selfish in its attitude and in its nature. toward one another. Our own sanity has been challenged by an onslaught of being told what is right and wrong instead of being able to choose on our own. No one expects society to be able to make those choices anymore. We are only allowed to choose one side of an argument rather than see details that both sides present. All or nothing and no in-between. By doing this, we create monsters who feel their manifesto or reason for doing such atrocities is justified within their own words or those whom they worship.

Along with this comes the publicity and sensationalism of media coverage.  Every shooter becomes a star. We take time to honor the victims but only for a fleeting moment. All the other time is spent attempting to understand the motives for this person. There is no way to rationalize irrational behavior. Getting into the mind of someone so distorted proves impossible. Making them a star only gives the next person on the edge of doing something similar that last push to kill more than the one before them. In retrospect, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin are responsible for over 30 million deaths. Yet no one gets on television to explain their psychological problems and how they could have prevented so many deaths. How do you suppose that we can catch someone who you don’t know and have never seen from opening fire one you someday? The answer is that you can’t. While stronger checks will help, it will never completely stop mass shootings. Before guns, there were knives, before knives there were stones. Murder has been a part of this world since Cain and Abel. It is not something invented yesterday. Condoning violence and opinion through social media and televised programs helps no one. That shows us how the 1st Amendment has the ability to infringe upon the 2nd. Nothing tells you directly to just murder. However, it teaches you anger and frustration and who is to blame for it.  We owe it to ourselves to not take the word of one person or own source. Study your facts and take a moment to research. Because what you are being told today is far more opinion than stated truth.

It is my hope that both sides of this issue can come together to make choices that make sense on both sides. The time for bickering of petty things if far gone. Let’s do something to benefit our country rather than pound our chest and yell about what people threaten to take from you.



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Finding Solace in Today’s Reality

I must freely admit that I am in no good way addicted to a verbal confrontation. Being an addict to such a thing is something that I have always known but always find a way of saying that I am simply unable to listen to rhetoric without putting myself in the middle of the argument. Social media has done more to spark this addiction than any single thing that has ever been invented.

There are two places that I am from. A time and a place. I am much closer to old age than I am a young man. I am from an area of the country that has more porch swings, coca-cola, cigarettes, and conversation than most parts of the country. Politics and things of the world was what grandpas, grandmas, and the older adults did outside while we watched tv or played games. We never thought to get involved in the talk and would most honestly have been told that what was being said had no concern for us kids. Our education was brought to us by history class. Current events were the newspaper and Walter Cronkite.

Then came the internet, Google, and most importantly Facebook. Information galore for all the world to come and see and comment on. A world once ignorant on everything no has anything they want to know right at their fingertips. In so many ways we have gone from ignorance to stupidity in the snap of a finger.

I have often thought the internet should have a name change. Opinionnet sounds more fitting these days. The tendency is to leave out or omit parts to make the square peg fit into the round hole. Facts are based upon one-hit wonders. I read this webpage yesterday and I now a certified deep-sea scuba diver. One could see the issue with this sort of thing. A FoxNews watcher sees that the president should be crowned emperor. We can discontinue elections and democracy. The Donald has it all covered. CNN watchers find that world is racist. White people may all be the collective antichrist and the world will end soon if impeachment isn’t started by next Tuesday.

It’s easy to get caught up in society. We don’t make it hard to try to keep up. 15 minutes on any major site can make you feel as though you traveled the world twice over and acutely able to understand the ins and outs of world events. However, what qualifies as news today you most certainly fall upon deaf ears in years past. As an addict to daily events, there are more versions of reality than reality itself. This creates the ultimate issue; 10 different ideas of the truth that are kind of right but not exactly.

Pay more attention to more than one version. Opinions are important. Facts are invaluable. Finding them is that much harder. There isn’t a Top 5 news agency that will give you information without explaining to you how you are supposed to feel about what you are being told. This above all is the decisive issue. Be the person who does not accept emotion over truths. When we accept the emotion, we only feed the monster of misinformation, misinterpretation, and misdirection. Take the time to learn reality over morality. There are some things that are only black or white. Some are shades of gray. But even those have light or dark hues.

I am still addicted. I jump into a post, a share, a can you believe all the time. I am more a believer in truth than I am of sides. I’m not here for your candidate nor am I usually against them. There is also the point of seeing that your addiction is not always beneficial to you or those around you. So as I am learning to do, take time to put down the phone, laptop, or mouse. Enjoy life more like the back porch days. Simpler things don’t always mean uninformed but just that we don’t have to always be hostile towards ourselves or one another.

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Let’s Make Laws not Wars

Much has been said in recent days regarding racism. Given the issues we have seen in politics over the last 25 years I would suggest a change. Instead of spending every waking second trying to impeach or argue legality of work being done, attempt to work on legislation yourself. Better to remembered as someone pushing for better lives than as someone who only tries to ruin the lives of others.

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Let’s Do This Again

You know that part of your life where you go, I am gonna sit down and do x or do y? I have had x and y in my mind for about 10 years now. Family and friends tell you that you have a talent but you think to yourself, well that is what family and friends do.  There also comes a time when you think to yourself, maybe or maybe not.

You have all heard of the phrase “off the beaten path.” Its where we all end up at times in our lives. Some of us do so because we choose the path; others because they become tied up or wrapped around issues that throw their world in a whirlwind.

I would like to tell you there is one main theme for this. However, that would be a huge lie. Whatever may be on my mind at the time will be the topic of the day.  Anyone who knows me knows that what’s on my mind changes constantly. There will probably not be posts every day. Then maybe two in a day. Let’s see where this leads us.

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