End of Year Clearance Sale

What a year we have had. What a decade as well. As age finds me being far less fleet of foot than I was 10 years ago, It also finds me in my third marriage instead of my first. My young children are now the age of adults or high schoolers. Time waits for no one. I would have to be stupid to think it didn’t include me as well.

I think this becomes a time for reflection. As does this time of year does for all of us. I often wonder if I am the only person who feels lost in that week between Christmas and New Years Day. Sort of like the run from November to the big gift day. After that comes this week where the pause button gets pushed while we catch our breath for the new year and craziness that will ensue. Where have we been during this time? What have we accomplished?

We have seen 2 Presidents during this time.  I have also watched my healthcare premiums, co-insurance, and copays raise 10 fold. All because it was felt that if your insurance was too good, well, you should be made to suffer for having such great coverage. One could see where this would be a bit of an issue for those of us who worked our ass off to get where we are. If that angers some, maybe look at it this way. You work your way through college while working full time and a parttime job. What do you get as a prize for that? Someone explains to your employer that if you keep supplying your employees with great coverage, then your company will be penalized by the government. But if you don’t have coverage at all and can’t afford healthcare, well then you get penalized yourself. What is left of Obamacare? Nothing. Just higher premiums and co-pays. Then we come to our current administration. If there was a person who could make others cringe more than a Clinton, well we found one. Arrogance and ignorance do go a long way in our society. People tell you that it amazes them how someone can blatantly say things that should never be said. However, our country has tired of continuous politics and politicians. How do you see politicians respond? Well everyone looks for a way to rid themselves of this menace. If you don’t believe that, someone comes to you and says if you could find a way to get yourself elected if it meant using another country? A politician thinks yes, but says no. A non-politician? Well, we’re living it now.

Life goes on though. I think that is what you find out so quickly when you get older. Nothing stops Father Time.  There are days that memories feel as though they were yesterday and just as quickly, they feel as though it were 100 years ago. It is something that I try very hard to explain to my kids. When you are young, you feel life is going to be this gigantic amount of memories that are going to flow like water from the ocean. What you find in time is that it is small amounts of time that you will keep. Snippets. Grins, laughs, cries, and tears. Small moments. And they will stay with you till your last breath. I want that for them. Cherish those moments. As I have seen this year, you are never given the guarantee of a long healthy life. It can be cut short so quickly for things you would have never known could be that dangerous.

I wish that everyone has a blessed New Year. Take time to do the things you cherish. Make moments with those you love. I plan to do just that. My decade has ended much better than it began. It took me 3 times to find someone who is my world. She is as much an angel as I could ask for. And for more than I deserve.


About ebarnett71

There's a great deal about myself that I find hard to explain. I am older and at a point in my life where what seemed so important before seems insignificant now. Age does that to you. Finding frustration in our world is still possible though. I am by most definitions a realist who finds himself in a world which pleases me very little these days. Not because there isn't beauty in it, but there are buffoons who run it. If you stick around, I will rant, rave, and reflect. Some more than others. It is about the mood of the day and the climate of foolishness that will tell the weather report here.
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